Our Strider Cup and Strider Zone activities are events provided free of charge, and as such we rely on the assistance of volunteers to make each event a success.

Thank you very much for your enquiry regarding voluntary work with Strider Cup and Strider Adventure Zone events. Volunteers can help in the following ways:


Welcoming and registering participants and their parents.

Providing information regarding the event and issuing equipment required for participation in the event. Co-ordination of the return of equipment at the end of the event.


Assisting at the start track, finish line and at other appropriate points 

of the event. Providing information to parents and participants, and ensuring participants are suitably equiped and ready for their scheduled event. Assisting with setting up and removal of the track.


Commentating on the event, and acting as a point of focus to welcome participants, parents and volunteers and make informative announcements regarding the event.


Recording the events of the day, both through still and video footage of the event.

Roving Reporter

To report on the events of the day, through interaction with the participants, parents, volunteers and spectators.

Please note:

Students who wish to be considered must be over 16 years of age. All applicants will be required to undertake a CRB check.

If you would like to volunteer, please complete the form below.

Application For Voluntary Work