What is STRIDERTM riding and racing?

STRIDER has developed a series of balance bike events to give toddlers and children from 18 months to 5 years old the chance to try out and develop their skills on two wheels at exciting and world class cycling venues and over bespoke tracks around the country.

Events in the UK range from Strider races and training to Adventure Zones, providing children the opportunity to develop their balance and coordination over preset courses.

The Strider British Balance Bike Championships enables children to test their speed and coordination over some of the UK’s top BMX tracks.

Whether your child is an experienced rider looking to join one of our races or it’s their first time – the series of STRIDER events has something for everyone.

Balance, coordination, and confidence all develop naturally when children experience group play and friendly competition on a STRIDER.

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Strider Training

Strider is working with some of the top cycling and BMX centres across the country to offer regular weekly training opportunities for Strider riders to attend coaching and taster sessions.

Click here to find the nearest centre to you along with details as to where and when the training sessions are being held. To book on a session speak directly to the venue or organiser to ensure you reserve a place as they are proving extremely popular and in many cases are filling before the day.

 What is a STRIDERTM Adventure Zone?

A STRIDER Adventure Zone is a safe and friendly environment that encourages kids 18 months to 5 years old to explore a world on two wheels and experience the challenge and thrill of riding over unique terrains and obstacles.

An Adventure Zone course can be set up in as small as a 10′ x 30′ area inside or outside and on almost any terrain.

STRIDER Adventure Zones help children to improve bike handling skills and further develop balance, control, motor skills and confidence.

They are events that allow children open riding time, time to socialise, play, practice tricks and generally just have a good time.

STRIDER Adventure Zones can be held just about anywhere but are often held in conjunction with STRIDER races, special community events, festivals, celebrations, shows and conferences.

What is the STRIDERTM British Balance Bike Championships?


The 2013 Strider British Balance Bike Championships is the first ever nationally coordinated series with over five Strider Cup qualifying events across the country.

The first event will be held in London on Sunday 5 May 2013, at a newly built BMX track in Mitcham. The subsequent events will be held throughout the summer in Hampshire, Kent, Birmingham, with the finals in Manchester in September 2013. The winner of the British Championships will be flown to Florida to represent Great Britain in the World Championships (see below for details).


Strider British Balance Bike Championships

These are a great way for anyone aged 18 months to 5 years old, no matter what their ability, to ride and race balance bikes over some of the best cycling and BMX venues across the country.

With fun races, qualifying races and finals – Strider events will allow everyone to have plenty of time on the track with an emphasis on creating a fun environment to inspire our next generation of cyclists.

Riders will race in groups against others of the same age. Finalists from each age group at each Strider British Balance Bike Championships (the number of which may vary from event to event) will automatically qualify for the invitation only Strider British Balance Bike Championships finals which will determine our STRIDER British Champion.

Here is a list of our 2013 events

Read more about the launch of the series on our News pages

Strider British Balance Bike Championship finals

This event will be held at the National Cycling Centre in Manchester on 23 September 2013. Having qualified for the event at a previous Strider British Balance Bike Championship race, this will see the British Champions for 2013 crowned.

From the four age group winners on the day, one will be selected out of a hat to win the chance to represent Great Britain at the Strider World Championships held in Florida on 11-13 October 2013. The Prize includes return flights and accommodation for the winner and one parent.

Winner must be available to travel between 10-13 October 2013. Winner must be within the qualifying age for the World Championships and must have a valid British passport and/or visa to travel to the US. Offer is not transferable and there is no cash alternative.

What is the STRIDERTM World Championships?



The STRIDER World Championships is an annual racing event that brings together STRIDER riders and their families from all over the globe.






Hosted in Sarasota Florida the event is a truly international celebration of balance bike riding that includes tons of family fun orientated events and outings, all at a beautiful holiday friendly city.






Racers can qualify by participating in at least one qualifying STRIDER British Balance Bike Championships or enter into the Last Chance Qualifying Practice event the day before the World Championship race.



What is a balance bike?

Balance bikes, often called running bikes or pre-bikes, are specially designed and manufactured bikes with no pedals.

The bikes are designed for toddlers and children to easily propel themselves using their feet on the ground giving them more stability – without the complications that come from pedalling.

Experts agree that it can be counterproductive to teach a child to rely on stabilisers when they first make the move to a two-wheeler. It really doesn’t give them the chance to learn how to balance at all.

Research has proven that STRIDER Balance bikes  significantly improve balance, coordination and confidence over just a 4 week period.

What are STRIDERTM balance bikes?

Strider Sports International is a world leader in balance bike technology. We believe that the Strider balance bikes are the best on the market − they are meticulously designed and built to give toddlers the best start possible on two wheels.

If you want to kit out your child with their own Strider to prepare for our Strider British Balance Bike Championships, please visit our authorised retailer page.

Why bring your little-un to a balance bike event?

Most importantly, it’s a huge amount of fun and a new experience that they’ll remember forever.

As well as the memories, experiencing balance bike riding and racing together with other children helps to develop balance, co-ordination and confidence on two wheels.

Whether it’s to test ride a Strider balance bike or to race with other toddlers, Strider events have something for every family interested in giving their child a head start, exploring the world on two wheels.

How old does my child have to be?

Strider British Balance Bike Championships and Strider Adventure Zone events are open to children from 18 months to 5 years old.

This is calculated by the child’s age on the day of the event.

Does my child need any experience?

No, you (and your child) can join in at a Strider Racing, Adventure Zone or Training event even if your child has never sat on a bike before.

Do you need to bring your own bike?

We would encourage anyone with thir own bike to bring it along. However, we will have a limited quantity of bikes to hire for a nominal charge at events – so you don’t have to own a balance bike to take part. Bikes must be manufactured balance bikes (no converted pedal bikes) with a 12″ maximum tyre diameter.

What about safety equipment?

Every child must wear a good quality helmet, elbow and kneepads, long sleeved clothing and good quality closed footwear. Gloves are also strongly recommended. If you have your own helmet – great, bring it along. If not we’ll have helmets and safety equipment available for riders to hire on the day at a cost of £2.50 − so all you need to do is turn up.


Individual events may also have their own additional safety requirements. Please refer to our Event page for details.